Membership & Engagement

Enrolment of Members:

a) The society comprises of the following class of members.

i). Life Member
ii). Corporate/Trade Member

b) A person who wishes to join as a member in the society shall made in writing in the application form prescribed by the society and submit to the society quarters and the managing committee shall have the power to admit such member or reject the application without assigning any reason

Membership Fee:

life membership fee for MBBS & DENTAL is 5000 and for Nursing, Physiotherapy & Paramedical is 4000 valid up to 5 YEARS and after 5 years every member has to pay 50 percent fee for renewal of life membership

Termination of Membership:

A person shall be disqualified for appointment as a member of the Committee of a society under this Act if, on the date of such appoint, he is-

i) If a member fails to attend the meetings consecutively for three years his/her membership shall remain terminated at the discretion of the Executive Committee, without notice or any intimation.
ii) By giving one month notice in writing to the General Secretary of his/her intension to do so upon its acceptance as provided in these articles.